Disputes and Appeals policy

If you have a dispute arising from any dissatisfaction with the performance of Vale Training Services Ltd or wish to appeal against any decision made by the Instructor - assessor/ Vale Training Services Ltd please read the summary below: 

  1. Please discuss your concerns with the Instructor - assessor/ Vale Training Services Ltd Vale Training Services Ltd Administrator.
  2. If not satisfied you can request a full copy of the Vale Training Services Ltd Disputes and Appeals procedure. 
  3. Your Dispute or Appeal must now be lodged in writing or by Email.  Please complete the Disputes and Appeals Notification Form (please retain a copy for your own records) and return it to: Vale Training Services,Marsh Hill Farm, Marsh, Aylesbury.  HP17 8ST.      



  1. Vale Training Services Ltd is committed to processing your dispute or appeal and informing you of the outcome within a maximum of 55 working days.  The actual time will depend on the nature of the dispute or appeal.    
  2. There will be no charge for processing disputes and appeals. 
  3. If you are still not satisfied with the outcome of your dispute or appeal you have a second line of recourse to CERTIFICATING BODIES.
  4. You may request from Vale Training Services Ltd or from CERTIFICATING BODIES Direct a copy of CERTIFICATING BODIES’s Disputes and Appeals procedure. 
  5. As before your dispute or appeal must be in writing.  If you have retained a copy of the completed Disputes and Appeals Notification Form  it should be sent to the appropriate certificating body: 

Approved by Vale Training Services

12th August 2016

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