All Terrain Vehicles (A.T.V.)

Lantra Certification.

A one or two day course depending on experience for anyone using, or who will be using either sit in or sit astride All Terrain Vehicle (ATV). This basic course includes operator assessment, and certificates will be awarded to those reaching the required standard. Those with less experience will need two days training.

Certification: Lantra

Instructor: Michael Percival

Cost: From £125 + VAT + Certification. For one day open course. Day rates and novice prices available.

Venue: To suit Trainees

Maximum Trainees: 4 for sit astride- 3 for sit in.

Duration: 1 or 2 days


Following successful completion of the course, trainees will be able to

  • Understand the reasons for operator training
  • Appreciate the main causes of accidents
  • Recognise the need for personal safety and the use of protective clothing
  • Identify all the major controls and components of the machine
  • Carry out daily checks and basic maintenance - as indicated in the Instruction Manual
  • Interpret any safety warnings on the machine or in the Manufacturer's Handbook
  • Mount/dismount and start/stop/park in the correct manner
  • Ride the machine in a safe and competent manner, whilst maintaining all-round observation and assessing changing ground conditions
  • Move body weight to compensate for changing slopes and use correct braking sequence to prevent wheels locking
  • Identify any loading information on the machine
  • Recognise the effects of towing a trailer

Date of next course: 6th November 2019(Sit In)

10th December (Sit Astride)

Date to be arranged with client

To book your place on a course, or for more information, simply contact us.

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