Sage Accounts and Book Keeping

Three, three hour sessions covering the basic Sage accounts package.

A further three sessions can be added to this basic training package to enable candidates to obtain the Sage Accounts certificate. Additional in depth training will also be available e.G. Pay roll etc.

Instructor: Helen Mitchell

Cost: £120 + VAT

Venue: Marsh Hill Centre

Maximum Trainees: 6

This course aims to provide candidates with a fundamental understanding of the principles of double entry bookkeeping in the context of computerised processes. It will enable candidates to demonstrate competence in maintaining ledgers in Sage Line 50. They will also be able to demonstrate the ability to create accounts, enter transactions, correct errors and print appropriate accounting reports.

On this course you will:

· Enter new customer accounts on the Sales Ledger

· Enter new supplier accounts in the Purchases Ledger

· Open new nominal accounts on the Nominal Ledger

· Enter purchase invoices and purchase returns

· Enter sales invoices and sales returns

· Enter supplier payments

· Enter customer receipts

· Correct transaction errors

· Print a trial balance

· Print an audit trail

· Print a customer history/activity report

· Print a supplier history/activity report

· Print a customer and supplier address list

Date of next course: TBC

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