Staff Appraisal and Interviewing Techniques

Performance appraisal can be defined as any process which helps with the collecting, giving and using of information to add to performance at work. This information may be collected from and about the people you manage. But appraisals are much more than that.

Carried out effectively, they provide an opportunity to get to know people better, build relationships, provide recognition for a job well done, identify development needs and motivate. Done badly, they are a disaster and major de-motivator. Therefore, it pays to make sure you know what you are doing.

Instructor: Rosie Barfoot.

Cost: On Application

Venue: Marsh Hill Centre or clients own site.

Maximum Trainees: 10-12

Date of next course: T.B.C

Requirments: None.

Certifiction: Attendance.

Course Content: This intensive, practical one day workshop will enable you to

• Define what appraisals are and what they are not

• Overcome some of the barriers to appraisals

• Carry out a more effective appraisal

• Achieve successful outcomes

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