Cattle Handling

This one day course is is designed for anyone wishing learn how to handle and restrain cattle safely.

Instructor: Peter Heath

Cost: £95

Venue: To suit client

Maximum Trainees: 4

At the end of the course trainees will be able to:

  • Move cattle from yard/pen into a race and/or crush or stocks and restrain for condition scoring, treatment or weighing without injury or undue stress to the cattle, without injury to persons or damage to equipment.
  • Stall and halter cattle which are accustomed to leading out of a building across a yard into another building and to hold for examination, treatment, or grooming.

Course content:

  • What you need to know
  • Moving cattle into a race, rush or stocks
  • Moving cattle from race into crush
  • Tying cattle in cow stall
  • Haltering and leading out animal tied in stall
  • Training cattle to be led (where appropriate)

Date of next course: T.B.C.

To book your place on a course, or for more information, simply contact us.

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