File Management

This course consists of three two hour sessions in which trainees will be taught how to efficiently retrieve files, manage folders and basic computer maintenance.

Instructor: Ethel Catling

Cost: £75 + VAT

Venue: Marsh Hill Centre

Maximum Trainees: 6

All P.C. equipment and packages are provided for the course as well as course notes to take away. This course can also be used as a module towards C.L.A.I.T. Level 1. The course will cover the following:

  • Creating folders and using sub-folders
  • Deleting files and folders
  • Renaming files and folders
  • How to cut, copy and paste folders
  • How to find files
  • How to use operating system tools for maintenance i.e. scan disk
  • How to change desktop options e.g. adding new icons to desktop

Date of next course: T.B.C

To book your place on a course, or for more information, simply contact us.

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