BASIS Amenity 
Invasive and Injurious Weeds

A course for growers, advisers and representatives involved in decision-making rules in amenity horticulture. The course will address economic and environmental criteria for more informed systems of management. It is a 7 day course spread over several months. The course leads to the Basis Certificate Amenity Horticulture.

Course Cost: £1200 + VAT and exam fee

Instructor: Debbie Wedge and Alistair Sim

  • Module 2 – Recognition, biology and control of weeds
  • Module 3 – Recognition, biology and control of pests
  • Module 4 - Recognition, biology and control of diseases
  • Module 5 –Composition, activity and persistence of pesticides
  • Module 6 – Application  of pesticides
  • Module 7 – Safe use, handling, transport and storage of pesticides

  • Skill module areas are:
  • Hard Surface Areas
  • Amenity grass and sports turf areas
  • Shrubs, borders and container plants
  • Forestry
  • Aquatics
  • Invasive and injurious weeds

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