Assessment Costs At Vale Training Services

Vale Training Services offer a selection of assessments options, to meet the clients individual and specific needs. We currently offer Lantra, NPTC and National Plant Operators Scheme (NPORS).  These are all nationally recognised bodies. We can also offer assessments from other awarding bodies through partner businesses. We appreciate some of our assessment fees are not the cheapest, but we endeavour to have test carried quickly. 

National Plant Operators Scheme - £35 per candidate.

Lantra fees - on application to the office.

NPTC: Assessment Charges at 1/9/19 Pesticide Assessment registration Assessment fee:

PA1 Safe Use of Pesticides Registration £35. Test £ 40.00

PA2A Safe Use of Boom Sprayers Registration £35. Test £115.00

PA4 Granule Applicator (granule pesticide or slug pellets)Registration £35. Test £115.00

PA6A Safe Use of Hand Held Applicators, Registration £35. Test £ 90.00

PA6AW  Water Application only, Registration £35. Test   £115 if taken with PA6A £135

Chainsaw Maintenance & Crosscutting (CS30)                     Registration £35.00. Test £125.00

Felling Small Trees           (CS31)Registration £35.00. Test £125.00

Tree Climbing & Rescue (CS38)Registration £35.00. Test £130.00

Felling Medium Trees (CS32)Registration £35.00. Test £150.00 integrated assessment Registration £35 - assessment £150

Chainsaw from a Rope & Harness (CS39) Registration £35.00. Test £130.00 

Above assessment fees are based on full assessor days.  Prices may vary if assessment numbers are lowered or individual assessments are requested 

PA1 Assessment- Foundation Module (Theory) - This is an online multi choice GOLA test taken on either a laptop or desk based computer. It comprises 33 questions and 1 hour is allowed for completion. This test must be passed before practical assessments can be taken and on its own does not allow the operator to spray under current legislation.

PA6a Assessment- Knapsack Sprayer (Practical) - A practical assessment with either a knapsack sprayer or CDA equipment lasting approximately 1 ½ to 2 hours.                                     

Use of Veterinary Medicines NPTC Registration £35                Online Assessment £40.00                                                      Practical Assessment on application but around £90.00 - £120 per person.                                   

Safe Use of Sheep Dips : NPTC Registration £35                        Online Assessment £40.00                                                     Practical Assessment around £65.00 


NPTC Registration per category. Tractor Driving, ATV Assessments,

Mowers, Hedge trimmers, Forklift Truck, Other machinery modules, POA 

Transport of Animals:

NPTC Registration and Online Assessment - Short/Long Journey                                                                                 £75 

NPTC Long Journey Practical Assessments around                                                             £160per module per delegate

Other Modules available on application.