Cancelation Policy

Assessment / Training Centre: 

  • Cancellation if less than 10 working days will incur a fee, in line with the points listed below,  10 working days includes the assessment or training day and the day of cancellation. Unless this is a result of a proven Covid - 19 situation. 
  • Only charges incurred will be forwarded. 
  • For cancelled assessments earlier than ten working days Vale Training Services reserve the right to charge a £15.00 admin fee per assessment day and any registration fee. 
  • Any postponed assessment may be classed as a cancellation and all incurred cost will be liable.
  • Cancellation fees will be based on the average assessment / training time or average cost for the day. 

Training Providers / Assessment centre:

  • In the event of the Instructor - assessor - Vale Training Services Ltd having to cancel assessment or training, the assessment or training will be re-scheduled as quickly as possible and any assessment fees will remain valid. This applies to Covid- 19 related cancellations as well as any other reasons. 


  • A different candidate can be substituted provided the Centre is informed prior to the assessment and the candidate is registered where applicable.  This is to be arranged with the Centre Administrator , and additional registration fees will be applied as appropriate. 
  • Vale Training Services recognises that there may be situations where the Instructor - assessor - Vale Training Services Ltd, or candidate, may have unavoidable circumstances for cancellation such as illness, bereavement etc.  This will be recognised by Vale Training Services and dealt with accordingly and will be at the discretion of the Assessment Centre. 
  • As with all training and  assessments, once the Instructor - assessor - Vale Training Services Ltd has been booked anyone who cancels within ten working days of the assessment will be liable for the assessment fee. 
  • Registration fees will be valid for TWO years for Level 2 qualifications and THREE years for level 3.  Lantra registrations are only valid for the dates on which a course is booked but are transferable.

Reviewed by Vale Training 

July 2020