Animal Welfare Policy

We at Vale Training Services,  recognise the importance of animal welfare in the landbased training industry and believe it is an essential part of our commitment to responsible education and training.  

Vale Training opposes and discourages practices that are illegal and those that have a negative impact on animal protection and welfare.  Vale Training acknowledges the introduction of animal welfare legislation act in 2006 which places a legal responsibility for all working with and caring for animals for the duty of care of animals. 

1. To provide leadership on the issue of animal welfare within training, by working with external stakeholders and experts to keep informed of the issues and the most up to date expert guidance.

2. To work with our Clients to assist in their objective of raising the standards of animal welfare within rural business by phasing out instances of bad practice while improving performance within the supply chain. 3. No treatment, handling or holding of animals will take place unless required for scheduled routine or emergency treatments.

We acknowledge and promote the five freedoms and provide best practice guidance and materials to ensure that all animals which are encountered through training and education are treated humanely and with respect.

The five freedoms are:

• Freedom from hunger and thirst

• Freedom from discomfort

• Freedom from pain, injury or disease

• Freedom to express normal behaviour

• Freedom from fear and distress. 

We recognise that by working together with all stakeholders we have the greatest potential to achieve wide-reaching and long lasting positive change.

Reviewed July 2020