Bespoke Courses

These are tailor-made courses that can be organized in house to suit the client’s needs and requirements. The length can be as long or short as the customer wishes, and can be delivered to cover a variety of packages including Word, Excel, Access, Internet use, Email, Sage or Sumit. For course outlines see our off the peg packages.

Instructor: Ethel Catling

Cost: £65per hour/ £250 half a day/£500 + VAT a day

Venue: Marsh Hill Centre

Maximum Trainees: 6

All P.C. equipment and packages can be provided for the course if it is held at Marsh Hill Centre, however course notes will be provided to take away for both in-house and Marsh Hill courses. It can cover any aspects of I.C.T. that the trainee wishes. Example of course content: Typing Skills Tutorial - development of accuracy and speed. Assessments are available to gain a qualification e.g. C.L.A.I.T.