Covid-19 Policy

To enable us to deliver face to face training we require the following policies and procedures to be followed;


1.    Vale Training will limit course numbers to allow for social distancing. There will not be more than 6 people on any course at anyone time unless mitigating circumstance allow, and with prior discussion with the centres Covid 19 manager. 

2.    Social distancing will be enforced at all times, with delegates and instructors not being seated, situated or located less that 2 metres form each other at any time. This distancing should be enforced both in an inside and outside environment.  

3.    If for any reason social distancing cannot be observed then face masks/ coverings /gloves will be worn at all times. 

4.    All instructors / assessors to complete a covid declaration form before any training or assessment sessions are carried out and any concerns reported to the Covid 19 manager.  

5.     All delegates/ instructors/assessors are to be temperature checked at the start of any course or assessment and possibly after lunch breaks if the assessor / instructor centre manager has any concerns about a person’s wellbeing, and that this is recorded on a personnel health declaration form to be completed by each delegate/instructor at the start of the day. Any person with an abnormal reading should be isolated in an area away from others with good air flow, not a car, and their temperature re checked after 10 minutes. These results must be recorded on the health declaration and reported to the Covid 19 Manager. Any instructor/delegate/assessor who becomes ill during the two weeks after a course/ assessment with covid 19 symptoms must report this to Vale Training so that others on the course can be advised to self-isolate.  

6.     As far as possible all delegate registration documents will be completed prior to the course so as to avoid cross contamination. 

7.     All surfaces are to be cleaned after and before every course or during a course where equipment is being shared. i.e. forklifts, diggers etc. it is the responsibly of staff, instructors and assessors to ensure this undertaken.  

8.    Any consumables supplied to a course must either be taken home by the delegate at the end of the day or disposed of in a sealed bag. the person clearing these areas must wear disposable gloves and then sanitise their hands. Consumable can be left in a locked room after training has been completed for 48 hors and then disposed of with out gloves but hands should still be sanitised.  

9.     Trainees are required to provide their own PPE for courses such as chainsaw, spraying and brush cutter training. No PPE will be hired, or loaned to delegates. Equipment which can be sanitised, can be made available with prior notice, but must be sanitised after each hiring as well as being quarantined for 72 hours, prior to the next hiring. This must be recorded in the Vale Training hire log.  

10.  Trainees / instructors / assess will need to provide their own lunch, and drinks. No refreshments or facilities will be available for use until such time as this document is reviewed. All meals will be taken in delegates / instructor assessors’ own vehicles. Instructors / assessors will be encouraged to stager refreshment times so as to facilitate isolation bubbles.   

11.  The number of courses delivered at Vale Trainings locations will be limited to no more than two per day. This will allow isolation bubbles to be formed.

12.  Vale Training will cancel any course / assessment at short notice should there be any break down in health as a result of Covid 19 symptoms being shown by a trainee, instructor/ assess/ member of training or farm staff. There will be no cost implication to clients.  

13.  Vale Training accept that places may be cancelled by customers at short notice due to Covid-19 illness or breakdown and that there will be no cancellation fee charged in these cases.

Any in house courses run on a client’s own site will be subject to all the above criteria, and the site will accept that if an instructor or assessor is not happy that the necessary procedures and polies have been followed,  that they can walk away from a course or assessment.

Creatyed May 2020 - Reviewed July 2020