Identification of Invasive and Injurious Species

This two day course is suitable for a variety of roles in the control and management of non-native invasive and injurious species. The training is also suitable for anyone looking to progress to completing the Lantra Level 2 Award in the Identification of Invasive and Injurious Species. The course is a mix of training and assessment.

Pre Course Requirements:- None 

Course Certification:- Lantra

Course Length:- 2 days depending delegates level of experience and delegate ratio.

Course Times:- 9.30AM to 4.30PM

Instructor:- Various.

Cost:- Price on application

Venue:- Marsh Hill Farm, Marsh, Aylesbury . HP17 8ST or to suit client

Maximum number of delegates:- 3-6 depending on experience. (Novice 3 experienced 6)

The course will cover the following:-

  • The terms ‘native’ and ‘non-native’ species
  • Threats posed by invasive species
  • Identifying invasive plant species
  • The term ‘injurious’ species
  • Identifying injurious plant species
  • Identifying injurious species of insect
  • Actions to take when injurious species are identified and if people are affected by them
  • Legislative requirements, Code of Practice and Industry Guidance relating to the control of Japanese knotweed
  • The impact of Japanese knotweed
  • Identifying Japanese knotweed and the plants which are commonly mistaken for Japanese knotweed
  • Recommended methods to control Japanese knotweed in different situations
  • Requirements to monitor and further treat any subsequent regeneration
  • Records which must be kept when controlling Japanese knotweed.

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