Letter of support

Letter of support for land based skills bootcamp.




To who it may concern

Vale Training Services Ltd, in conjunction with Ngage Solutions Ltd, and other interested parties, are looking to apply for funding under the Governments Boot Camp Training project, which will help provide upskilling to both new entrants and those already employed in our industries.  


From evidence gathered and personal experience, I feel it is important that the land-based industries be given support in recruiting new people, as well upskilling existing staff, within these industries. There is currently a huge deficit of available staff, with the necessary skills to fill jobs in agriculture, forestry, arboriculture, environmental land management, landscape horticulture, amenity horticulture and other land-based industries.

It is for this reason we support the proposed bid by Vale Training Services Ltd, and Ngage Solutions Ltd to look to deliver training under the Boot Camp initiative. We will also endeavour to support the project by interviewing potential employees from the project.


Yours Sincerely





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