Road Roller

The NPORS Road Roller training course is designed for any persons who are required to use or work with a Road Roller, with the aim to train and assess delegates' practical skills and theoretical knowledge to the standards set by NPORS and to identify and eliminate any bad habits in the safe operation of a Road Roller.

Pre Course Requirements:- None to 3 years experience depending on the course length to be taken. 

One day course:- for experienced or previously trained delegates.

Two days + course :- for those with little or no experience.

Course Certification:- NPORS

Course Length:- One to three days, depending on delegates previous experience or qualifications.

Course Times:- 9.30AM to 4.30PM

Instructor:- Various.

Cost:- Courses are run on clients own site at a day rate.

Venue:- To suit client.

Maximum number of delegates:- 3-6 depending on experience. (Novice 3 experienced 6)

The course will cover the following:-

  • Health and safety legislation, as it applies to Plant Operators.
  • Theoretical knowledge of plant operations.
  • Operator's responsibilities, with regards to daily/weekly checks of machine.
  • Familiarity with the equipment and use of Operator's manual.
  • Safe and best practice in practical plant operating methods.
  • A rigorous practical and theory based NPORS assessment.

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